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How does B.R.S work?

Organizing a pick-up with B.R.S is as simple as a call or a few clicks!


-We ask for a minimum of four (4) large full blue recycling bags for pick-up. 


-A house, business, apartment or facility address will be required

-We offer a return of $5 per large (30 x 33 inches) full blue recycling bag


-Call 587-974-2058 to schedule a date & time for pick-up. You can also book a pickup online here: "Book Online" 


-B.R.S arrives on the chosen date & time at the chosen address with cash in-hand & ready to take away any number of full recycling bags over four.

-B.R.S hauls the bottles away to be recycled leaving you with CASH.


Frequently Asked Questions:

-Is there a pickup fee or charge? Answer: No! Pickup is FREE in the city of Edmonton!

-How big exactly is a large blue recycling bag? Answer: Large blue recycling bags average 30 in x 33 in or 76.2 cm x 83.8 cm. The size of the bags should list "Large" on their packaging. All full bags which are the same or larger than this size are considered acceptable. Our drivers also carry a number of large blue bags for reference if needed. 


-What type of containers can be refunded? Answer: We accept all refundable drink containers registered in Alberta. This includes water, milk, juice, pop, alcoholic beverage containers & much more! A list of acceptable containers is listed below.


-Do you pick-up outside of EdmontonAnswer: Unfortunately we do not yet pick-up outside of the City of Edmonton. However exceptions are possible for very large loads outside of the city. 

Any other questions can be submitted here.

Refundable Containers

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